Jeffrey Fine - Visual Artist


My studio is adjacent to my home in Newton Centre, Massachusetts.


ADDRESS:  27 Knowles St.

                    Newton, Mass.  02459


TELEPHONE:  617-332-1552



Visitors to my studio are welcome by appointment. I enjoy both displaying paintings for prospective buyers and talking about my art ( and about art in general) with those who might enjoy doing so, whether or not they are interested in purchasing something. 


While many of the paintings displayed on my website are for sale, I have chosen to not publish prices. To me, the pricing of art is, at best, a strange and somewhat arbitrary phenomenon, and I prefer to have a conversation about  this with a potential buyer, and to establish a price based on ability to pay and enthusiasm for the work. Bottom line, I care much more about a potential buyer's enjoyment of the painting, than about the dollar amount that I receive for it. Maybe at some point in the future, my art will be regarded as an investment, but I have very mixed feelings about that.


My studio is wheelchair accessible.



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