Jeffrey Fine - Visual Artist

Digital Art

Since the early fall of 2017, I have been creating digital art on my iPad. I do at least one drawing or painting every day, using several different apps available for iPad use. The best known of these apps is Procreate, a remarkably sophisticated program that is similar to Photoshop.. I have thus far only scratched the surface of Procreate’s possibilities, preferring, for the most part, to create relatively simple works that are rapidly executed. I usually paint/draw with a stylus, but sometimes with a finger.


What I am reporting here is surprising to me. It is not very long ago that I vowed that I would never “stoop” to making digital art, which I viewed as the antithesis of the messy, complex, textured, and sensual process of painting with oils. Yet here I am, day after day, creating art work on a screen, and mainly enjoying both the process and the resulting products. 


The digital paintings and drawings shown here are a sample of work done on my ipad pro. They can be printed in various sizes, from 4 x 6 up to 16x 20, without substantially losing any picture quality. Once printed, they can be dry mounted, usually on white or black foam core.

 They can be purchased, most commonly in 8x10 or 11x14 sizes, for $25 (8x10), or $35 (11x14). I sell them signed and dated. 

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